Wednesday, November 5, 2008

PC troubleshooting or student’s troubleshooting?

Guard! HR! That was the words you can hear for our 5 days training with our PC troubleshooting. It was actually a fun and worthwhile experience we had during our PC troubleshooting trainings together with our equally fun professor Nestor Zuniga from Technical Learning Resource Center (TLRC). At first, I thought it will be a boring training but it turned out to be a fun and exciting one. Why? Hmmm, well I guess it’s because of my chaotic classmates plus with our extra fun professor. But that’s not all because I learned a lot of things and I hope I can apply it in real life. Hehehe. History tells a lot from one generation to another and just like our 5 days training we also wrote our own history. We were able to pass the training with flying colors (well as they said) and the best part actually was learning out of that training. Our professor that day showed his expertise and shared his owned experiences as well as his other resources incase we are going to put our own computer business which in a way helped us realized and understand what is all about. We had fun during the training while learning and discovering new things. As for myself, I can say that after the training, I am not confident to do my own troubleshooting. I don’t need to pay extra just because I need someone to do it for me. Aside from that, the knowledge that has been imparted to us will be great help wherever we may go and who knows, I might be able to use it in my future job as well. Thank you to Mr. Nestor Zuniga and to my classmates who made our PC troubleshooting training a very good experience. More power to all of us!
Graduation picture!
Makinig naman kayo dyan, puro papicture na lang eh. HR! Guard!
Naku kung di ka lang si kuya Ado baka natulad ka rin kay George.. hehe

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