Monday, December 15, 2008

My Memories at Intel

I love to write but never really wrote an essay for Intel just like this before, but I think that I have to do it now before my final separation as my way of saying thank you and how grateful I am for Intel and to what I been through over the years because of Intel. I was hired way back 1997 as a Manufacturing Specialist for BGA and finally will bid goodbye as a Process Test Engineer for CVAT Test Engineering. I’m very grateful that once in my life I was able to experienced working at Intel and developed myself into what I am now. I enjoyed every single day of my life working at Intel. Here’s the glimpse of my happy and fruitful memories at Intel.

It was 3:00 am in the morning when our van finally arrived at the vicinity of Intel Makati and I remembered vividly that I was already number 76 on their applicant’s list who was also taking chances that will pass the exam that day. I was among the applicants during the mass hiring way back 1997 and was lucky enough to be hired as Manufacturing Specialist. I started as Wirebonder operator operating the 1488 and 8020 K&S machines. I stayed inside the manufacturing floor for two years and learned a lot of things. Then after that my supervisor asked me to be one of the Material Handler. It was one of toughest job that I experienced at Intel which also molds me to be tougher and to be aggressive in pursuing my career plan. I learned to deal not only with my co-MS but with the managers, supervisors and engineers as well which also widen my network and somehow helped me begun to think about my next steps.

After one fruitful year as a Material Handler I began my journey as an Administrative Assistant. I remembered clearly how my first interview for an Admin assistant job went. I was on duty that day and I don’t know that had an interview and when I learned it the interview were about to start. I immediately called my supervisor and asked if he can take over inside the HVI room until such time that my co-MH arrived from break. Good thing he agreed with me and so I was able to arrive just on time for the interview but the bad thing is, I wasn’t able to even able to comb my hair before finally went inside the interview room because I was on a hurry. It was a panel interview and all of the applicants that time were properly dressed for the interview except me. I was shocked but answered the interview questions as honestly as I can and I was lucky enough to get the job and that’s when my administrative career began.

My first job as admin was to support the New Products Integration (NPI) group under Rene Tarlengco. I was so happy because it wasn’t hard for me to shift my career since I knew the people that I been working with. They guided me and coach me to get my job done. That’s also when I started availing the Extended Educational Program offered by Intel. I was doing my job as admin and the same time completing my bachelor degree for Electronics and Communication Engineer. Then after a year with NPI I transferred to Q&R department which was under Tony Villaflor that time. It was a whole new experienced to me because I was involved in site wide activities like ERSA and ISO which also gave me a lot of opportunities to grow. I stayed in Q&R for almost three years and so far it was a wonderful experienced for me. I learned a lot and became flexible enough to handle changes. Q&R was one of my greatest training grounds at Intel and a family to cherish over and over again.

After Q&R I tried to apply as Finance admin assistant. I thought I won’t be able to get the job because I was too shy to speak English that time, but lucky enough I was able to get the job. I became the department admin of Finance and was able to support Marc Graff and Michael Keogh who were been one of the most supportive managers that I ever had. I was able also to finally engage and became active to Intel Involved volunteers and Employee communication’s activities while doing my job as an admin. I cherished those memories that I was able to participate in site major events and been able to work outside as volunteer. I also remembered Marc’s word before he left Philippines that I should finished my degree no matter what and so I did. I was so thankful for the trust Marc and Mike gave me and for leading my way to my most dreamed position. Marc became my devil’s advocate every time I’m about to quit schooling and Mike became my wind beneath my wings when I’m already ready to take off. I can say that my two years of stay in Finance was one of the happiest memories that I had at Intel. It was like a home away from home.

But my story did not end there. I continued my journey at CVAT Engineering when they hired me as one of their Process Engineer. It was a dream comes true for me. I never thought that after ten years I’ll be able to be one of Intel’s engineers and I’m really glad to experienced it. It was a totally whole new world for me but I dare not say no to this opportunity and changes. I embraced it and learned to love it as well as the people around me. They are all amazing people. Intelligent enough to be on their position but has a heart that you will love as you learn to know about them. I had a wonderful experienced working with them and never had a dull moment when I finally touched my feet on their ground.

And now that I am about to leave Intel, I can’t help but to go back on all the memories that I had for eleven years of my stay. It was all worthwhile experiences and memories that I will cherish as long as I live. I gained a lot of things during my stay at Intel both in my career and in my personal life. I have lot of friends that I will left behind when I finally leave Intel but I will wont's say goodbye to them because I know I will be keeping them in my heart together with the beautiful memories I had while working with them. Thank you Intel for wonderful experiences and thank you to all my managers, colleagues and friends for sharing your life with me. Until then and till we meet again….

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