Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Desperadas

It was late in the afternoon yesterday when I received a YM message from Mommy Jane, one of closest friend at Intel. She asked me to went out with them that afternoon and watch Desperada movies. Since me too has not yet seen the movie I immediately agreed. Of course it was not only the movie that I'm looking forward but the bonding with my old Intel friends. I miss them already. We agreed to meet at SM Dasmarinas at 5 pm that afternoon just to be disappointed that Desperada was not showing already!!! We tried to contact Robinson's Pala-pala but all the numbers we got was not working. So, later we decided to eat first at Burger King and discussed our next steps. We had a long chit chat over dinner and later we found out that it's already late. LOL! The troops decided to just went shopping instead of watching because all of us wanted to go home before the teleserye I love Betty La Fea was shown. Well, we can't help it because we all love that teleserye. I bought some grocery items and decided to leave the group. I was disappointed because we were not able to watched Desperada but at the same time was too happy to meet my friends. To make up with my disappointment I bought 4 VCD's and later watched it. LOL!


Liza said...

hi grace! thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. i don't mind exchanging links with you, let me know as soon as you've added me.

have a great weekend.

Cecile said...

what a nice day you have, bonding to all friends :-) wished I can do that right now!