Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy New Year!

How are you this 2009? How did you celebrate your New Year's Eve? Well, as for myself, I really had fun during New Year's eve. Me and my sister arrived home at 7 pm on the 31st of December 2008, just in time to celebrate New Year's eve with our family. Everyone was present during the New Year's eve except for my two sisters who are now living abroad. Nevertheless, they called up and so it's as if they were really there. It was fun, we had a festive celebration that time. A lot of visitors keep coming in our house from midnight until morning and we were so happy because all the food that we prepared was all eaten up. I also had a great time with my friends and we did a grovy dancing under the rain. LOL! Yeah, we did that and it was really fun. We end up dancing at around 4:30 am, mind you. hehehe. It was a cold night because of the rain but we did not mind at all, we enjoyed every music and we dance till the day break. I really miss celebrating New year at my home town where you can eat in anyone's house because people there really open up there house for everyone. It was indeed a happy New Year. A better way to start my 2009. I hope everyone had fun as well.

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