Monday, January 5, 2009

My Day at Philppines Customs!

I am so happy that I finally got the laptop that my sister in Canada sent me. But as the sayings said that "No pain, No gain", well I think that's really true because before I finally get the laptop I need to wait longggggg hours at the custom's. I recieved the claim form during the holiday and so I need to wait until today for me to be able to get the package. I arrived at the custom's office before lunch and waited until 3:30 pm before I finally get the package that my sister sent me. What I did not expect was the payment that I made at the custom's office before they release the package. My golly, I paid around 1.8K pesos!!! It's good thing that I withdraw first before I went there. I seen lot's of people that really complaining about the payment they need to pay for their packages because I think they too don't have any idea about it. The only consolation I got was the fact that the laptop arrived in good term.

So for those people who are expecting package from abroad and need to claim it at the custom's office, I have to warn you that the processing really takes a long time so be sure that you already eat or bring something to eat. Also, be sure to have money in your pocket for the custom's fee. I think the fees depend on how much worth your package is. It's for the tax and for the postal fee.

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