Saturday, January 3, 2009

The New Year's Blog Award

Got this tag from Madz, thanks for sharing this to me my dear! I have never thought about my New Year's Resolution or make up my mind to do it but I guess I have to do it now because of this. LOL! I just hope I will really make it. hehehe

My 5 New Year's Resolution

1. I will really watch my diet and do my regular exercise religiously. Geeezz, I'm getting fat. LOL! I have to do it now before it's too late. hehehe.

2. Finish my online training. I still have a bunch of online trainings and really have to stick with my timelines for me to get all the trainings online. I really wish I can. LOL!

3. Save, save and save. This is my ultimate resolution that I really hope will materialize this time. I have to really think of my finances especially now that I dont have job yet.

4. Attend the holy mass every Sunday. Dear, God please help me on this. Please give me strenght to drag myself to attend mass.

5. Have a happy disposition and be patient. I can be happy always but no much patient. I hope this time I can do both. hehehe.

Now, its time for you my other friends to think about of theirs and do them seriously. It is so nice to share our thoughts and ideas to our fellow bloggers, especially those ones who put up or given some special place in ones lives. Let me pass this on to Marky, Joy, Carlota, Edna, Jasmine and Marvz

You must be a true lover of the New Year to receive this award. The person to whom you give the award must also be in love with the New Year.

Post at least five New Year’s Resolutions. If you can’t limit it to five, then continue until you go out of space.

Pass the award along to as many bloggers as you like.Let your recipients know that you have tagged them by leaving a comment on their site. Also, link back the person who gave you the award.

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paula said...

i was trying to do the same sis to SAVE...hehe!it's hard to do that especially if there are lot of things to buy with your money...