Sunday, February 8, 2009

Fly HIGH in Tagaytay!

I told you I can fly, LOL! Well, it was one happy afternoon when my friends at Intel visited me. First of course was to taste what I cooked for them and I guess they don't have a choice but to invite me on their flying gimik at Tagaytay Picnic Grove. At first I was hesitant to join them because I had an appointment with my dentist that day. Well, I think having fun is much more appealing than visiting my dentist, hehehe. So I told them that I'll just dropped by at my dentist clinic to let them reschedule my appointment and it was good that Doc Allan was so understanding about it. And we were off to go and fly so high. LOL!

We went directly to Tagaytay Picnic grove. Had some posing on our way to zipline where we can do our paragliding activity. Since it was weekedays (it happened last Thursday, Feb. 5, 2009) the fare was lower by 50% compared to weekends paragliding fare. It only cost 100 pesos per person. We first observed what was happening there and what we seen excite us and at the same time scared us a little bit. But heck, we wanted to try it anyway and so we paired ourselves with one another, I with Hazel, the other pretty girl on the picture above who are wearing white sweatshirt. Then Willie with Cris and of course Joan with Mark. Sorry, I don't have their pictures, but its okey they do what we actually did on the picture. LOL!

Me and Hazel were the last pair who done the paragliding because I was a little bit afraid when I seen how high it was. I'm not sure but I think our location was more than thousands of feet above sea level especially if you are already at the middle of the paragliding wire. We had harness but geez it was our first time, but then again our curiosity hooked us so we did tried it. I was only scared at first but as we glide I begun to enjoyed it. I even talked with Hazel that it's not something to be afraid it because it was fun. Infact we've done it three times that day. The one in the picture was our third time and we only did that for the sake of picture taking and we were glad we did it because we had a remembrance that we can keep. hehehe.

It was a fantastic afternoon for all of us. We did enjoyed the lunch that I prepared, we enjoyed the ride at Willie's van and of course we enjoyed the paragliding activity at Tagaytay Ridge Zipline. Me and my youngest sister are also planning to try it again because when she seen our pictures it gave her an adrenaline rush. She is as adventorous as me and so we will try it this coming weekend. I just hope we will really be able to do it and if we did I'll also post it here. LOL!

So long, have a happy weekend everyone!


carlota said...

that's pretty cool.

Clara said...

I want to go there! It looks like SO much fun. I hope it's as much fun when you go with your sister!

carlota said...

Grace- got your email sorry ha.

Oh yeah- tag you pala hope ok lang sa'yo.

joy said...

wow, i want to give it a try, it looks so much fun.

GAGAY said...

wow! kakainggit nmn!


Dadidut said...

Veri Nice.. :D

jonathan said...

Hi Grace;

Really nice picture and very exciting indeed. However I wish to tell you that its not really paragliding. Thats pure zipline fun. In paragliding you fly freely whilst controlling your own paraglider wing. We fly paragliders in Carmona Cavite and Montalban Rizal. You may also learn and fly with us. To see real paragliding please type in youtube search "paragliding carmona philippines". Im on the third video flying the blue/white/red wing.

More power and God bless