Friday, February 20, 2009

No choice but to PACK-UP!!!

Oh, I'll miss my internet tonight. I don't have choice but to leave my house and sleep at my friend's house. My comfort room is still under renovation and I can't use it anymore! I have to take a bath but I can't... waaaahhh. Sacrifice! That's what I need to do this time. I'm not used spending my night to other house but I have to if I want to freshen up. LOL!

Sorry guys but I have to leave you for awhile (as if I'm always present. hehehe). Hmm, but I think it's still a blessing for me because I will have a chance to see my friend and get news on what happened to her this past few months. I know that she still sad because her dad died last month and I really wanted to check on her.

I can't wait for a long bath!!!

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marriage markers said...

heheh when i give birth, i will have to pack up for 2 weeks too and stay with my parents. no internet there too. but i will have to prioritize baby's health. :D