Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Our day in Buenavista!

Rising Sun as we passed by Ragay Gulf on our way back to Sabang.

It's more than 10 years now when I last seen my father's hometown, the Buenavista Quezon. I thought I will not be able to come back again and visit the place. But I think God did not allow that to happen because last Sunday, Feb. 1 me, Ate Bing, Kuya Dolands, Bunso, ate Aba together with my mom and dad traveled by sea to meet the family of Kuya Jojit to settled our loan. We left our Sabang, our hometown at 8 am in the morning. We have to leave early because we wanted to reach the place as early as possible. It was 1 and 1/2 hours travel by sea. I thought we won't be able to make it because the weather was not so good that time. It was a little cloudy and the rain might fall anytime. Aside from that, the sea was not peaceful that time. The waves was not so good and our boat was not that big. Despite of all the negative vibes we still sailed that day because I really wanted to settle everything before I go back to Cavite. So, we're off to go.

When we were already in the middle of the sea, I felt droplets of rains on my head but thanks to God that it stoped so sudden. I was also glad that my dad was a good sailor because we managed to passed the big waves which were trying to block our way. I was not really worried about the waves but I got worried that my mom will get nervous, so I was asking her and tried my best to put interesting conversation to divert her attention. I'm just glad because after awhile my mom became at ease and managed to laughed with us as our conversation goes on. After almost 2 hrs. we arrived at my dad's hometown safe and sound.

There we met my aunt, my uncle, my cousins and my other relatives at my father side. It was a happy reunion and we begun to enjoyed the day as we mingled with them. We also visited my cousin who are living on top of the mountain and although it's quite hard to climb the mountain we still managed to visit her family. To our amazement, her family cooked a delicious tinola for us and gathered bananas, coconut and other fruits that we can bring back home. We were so touched with their generosity and were so happy about it. On our way going down to the mountain, bunso and me can't help but to get a chance riding in a carabao and take some pictures when were doing that. We also had several pictures while playing with the sea.

I thought we were be able to go home that same day but the weather did not permitted us. We decided to stay there for a night and go back to Sabang early in the morning because my eldest sister, Ate Bing has so many appointments that day. There were people waiting for her and she also had classes that day. But anyway, we still had a great time that night. I was able to drink with my cousins and get to know them more while the others were chatting and laughing with each other.

When the morning came, we again started our journey going back to our hometown and since the waves were still big, Kuya Jojit decided to lend us his big boat to take us home. So, Kuya Doland and my dad ride our boat with all the stuff they gave us, while me, my two sisters, ate Aba and mother sailed on the other boat. The waves were still big but since we were riding in a bigger boat it was more fun and don't really bothered us. We had a safe trip for all of us and we did enjoyed our day in Buenavista. If given a chance, I will still go back there to enjoy the place and the people.

Some pictures we got during our visit....

Mom and Dad in their own sweet time...

Me, while enjoying the carabao ride

My youngest sister Chin while playing with the sea.

Me, doing some pose in the little boat

My eldest sister, Bing while playing with the guitar.

Ate Aba, posing while travelling on our way home

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joy said...

wow, thanks for sharing your photos about the trip. i hope i can try riding a carabao someday, hehehe. everybody looked happy in the trip, its a wonderful reunion for you and your family after ten years.