Friday, February 6, 2009

Salute to Teachers... a noble profession!

I'm writing this article as my simple gift to my eldest sister. A high school teacher in Mansalaya National High School Del Gallego Camarines Sur. This is also one of my ways to thank you all the teachers and profession who helped me to be what I am now. Teachers are one of the pillars in molding our society, without them there will no any other profession that the society are enjoying right now. But most often than not, we seems to forget how important they are. In the Philippines, teachers are one of the profession that I think are being underpay that is why a lot of good teachers travel abroad to seek for better opportunity. It was so sad to think about that but it's all the truth that we have to face right now and I hope our government will really take serious action to that problem.

Anyway, going back to my sister, her name is Mrs. Ma. Hilda Razona. She currently teaching the high school students of Mansalaya National High School. I really wanted to see how she managed to do the tiring job of a teacher. I know that it takes a lot of patience in dealing with the students. So, last Feb. 2, after we were able to take some rest from our wavey sailing adventure me, ate Aba and two of my sisters went to Mansalaya to visit and see how's our eldest sister were doing. We wanted to personally see the place and of course to witness her as she conducted classes that day. It was a rough ride because the place are quite far from where my parents live and the road was not so nice to travel. LOL! Although not the entire road but just a part of it. But golly, I can't imagined myself travelling that road every morning and afternoon just to attend the classes. Well, I'm not Ate Bing (that's what we all called her) who has a lot of patience to do that.

But don't worry because after that long rough travel we still managed to reach the place and whoah, it was a nice place given all the fresh air that we breath and the green sorroundings around the place. But then again, the place also need some renovations especially their computer room. Yeah, thanks God because they have that although it's still under renovation but I'm sure will look good upon completion. We also seen the classroom that she been using and I'm impressed the way she designed it. She don't need expensive materials just to look the place attractive and conducive for her stundents. We also met her students and had time mingling with them while taking some shots as a remembrance. Of course we also have some pictures taken during our trip there and I'll show you some of them. Anyway, before that, I can say that I really salute my sister and all other teachers around the world for their hardwork, dedication, enthusiam and patience just to make sure that our next generations are equiped with knowledge as they continue their journey. God bless all teachers!

Mrs. Hilda Razona, High School Teacher

Pose with her 3rd year students

Another pose with her 4th year students

Ate Bing poses together with Ate Aba, Chin and Ening

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