Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thanks God, My Mom is OK!

I called my mom a couple of days ago and I was happy with her news. She been visiting her doctor almost every month now to check her cholesterol level which is also the cause of her high blood. Last October, 2008 when we all panicked because our mom almost collasped and when we found out her blood pressure was too high. So what we did was to let the doctor did a series of test for her to really find out the caused of her high blood and her doctor prescribed the needed medicine to address the problem. After a month, another set of laboratory test had been performed to check if my mom's cholesterol level went down but sad to say that it never goes down. So her doctor prescribed another set of medicine to help get down my mom's cholesterol level and also check out my mom's diet. We also monitored her blood pressure, her diet and medicine intake to ensure that what the doctor said has been followed. Then last month she went back to her doctor for her laboratory and we were so glad that her cholesterol level was back to normal. I thought everything was all fine but now the doctor said that he seen an abnormalities in my mom's sugar count this time. Whew, I don't know when will it end but I hope that just like her cholesterol level, her sugar count will be back to normal. But unlike this past few months, my mom is more energetic and enthusiatic now. I think she is in her way to getting better. Thanks to her doctor for patiently monitoring everything. She will be back for another set of laboratory this coming Feb. 20 and hopefully everything will be back to normal. I hope and pray that she will be happy and healthy always.

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