Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Welcome to the World, Samuel Jacob Maxey!

Samuel Jacob Maxey, yeah that's his name. He was born last Feb. 11 (oh, just yesterday... I thought he is already weeks old on this picture. hahaha. too big kasi), weighing 8.6 lbs. His proud parents are Louella and Carl Maxey. Of course I'm his proud godmother, yahoooo!

Anyway, after waiting for him for about 9 months he finally came out. We were actually waiting for him since first week of Februay and he came out on his own sweet time. His father said that he has his mommy's nose, eyes, chin and hair color which I totally agree with him. He looks like the baby version of my bespren except of course of his gender and color. I can't wait to see his eyes open though because I wanted to see if he got blues eyes too just like his dad. hehehe. I can't wait to see him grow although I am far from them but I'm sure his proud mommy would always share his pictures with me.

I am so glad that baby SJ turned to be a healthy baby and wow, he got his looks too. Hmmm, maganda lahi.. hahaha. I just hope he is not as hard headed as his mom and not makulit as his dad. (peace bespren). But of course, ninang ganda will always be there for him. Hay, I'm not sure if I will got a chance to hug and kiss baby SJ as they live too far away from me. Nonetheless, I am very happy that both mommy and baby SJ are doing fine and in great health.

Baby SJ, ninang ganda will always pray for you and I can't wait the day that I will see you in person. To my bespren, I am so glad and so proud that you did great during the delivery and you and baby SJ are safe now. Get back of your strenght because you will need it as he grow. To Carl, I know that you will take care both of them and thank you for loving my bespren and of course SJ. Just be ready as he grow. hehehe.

May God bless all of you!!!


Fristy said...

Congrat...cute son...have a nice day for U too

Ivan Rubio said...

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Congrats to you, cute baby.

Rita T. said...

What a sweetie!

jodapoet said...

Absolutely precious.

nadine♥christian said...

how adorable..
welcome dear baby boy!!..
hope you'll grow into a healthy
boy and man..

thanks for droppin by my blog:D

Nanaybelen said...

welcome to the world baby!
so cute. Congrats!

Nanaybelen said...

What a lovely baby!

psycha said...