Friday, March 13, 2009

Energy Consumption WATCH LIST!

Summer time once again and just like last year I need to watch my electricity bill. Summer is the time I have a higher electricity bill and I think it will double this year since I purchased a new airconditioned unit to help me get through the heat of summer. My bill last month was just around 194 pesos and I think this month it will be higher by 500 pesos. Oh, I really don't know as I just started using my aircon this month. I am already trying my best to prepare myself but I don't really know how much my aircon will impact my bill. I know that higher electricity bill is always been the dilemma of every household during summer and I know that I am not an exemption. What can I do? It's really hot in the Philippines and aircon is just one of the answer to that problem. Electric fan? Well, even that is sometimes can't beat the summer heat.

Anyway, let's all watch our energy consumption this summer and let's hope that the resolution about the electric bill consumption hike will not be granted by the senate. I am even praying to lower the cost this summer because for sure our consumption will really doubled or it will even be triple.

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