Tuesday, March 3, 2009

It's Finally DONE!!!

After over two weeks of renovation my bathroom has now a new face. I'm really happy that it was finally done for I don't need to spend my night at my friend's house. Not that I don't like spending my night there but the hussles and bustles are too much. LOL! Well, about the renovation? I am more than happy the way it turned out to be. Before, it was just an imagination but now it's sooo real. It's more spacious and look so pretty. I'm now moving into another project, this time I want to have my own chicka corner. It is much easier because I don't need to pay for a labor. I'll do it myself. I just need to purchase necessary accessories to turn my idle corner into my very own version of chicka corner. I was so tired of cleaning up the mess left due to my bathroom's renovation so maybe I'll do the buying when I got the rest that I need. So, watch for it guys. LOL!

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