Friday, March 13, 2009

Let's say YES to GREEN!

Last year when we celebrated the total blackout campaign to save mother earth from global warming. It's the campaign that has been supported by million of household around the globe with the purpose of giving awareness to all of us on the day that might happen if global warming will continue. It's scary but come to think of it, that scenario might really happen to us if we continue to destroy our forests. Believe it or not, but we have dependencies on other living matter like animals and tres. It helps us balance our ecosystem to give us a better place to live in. What we can do to protect them is entirely our responsibility. We have individual responsibility in protecting our land and so as the government.

Vehicles, factories and households are the major contributors of our pollution today. Although every factories have their own waste disposal management which has been mandated by law, it is not enough to cover up the damage caused by the pollution. Innovations are also on going to help address our problems with the pollution just like the All Year Electric cars which instead of fuel they will use electric power in running the car. If this innovation will be push around the globe then I think carbon monoxide emmittion caused by vehicles will be much lower. I know that it's not easy. Each household should also participate and of course government has a big role to do as well. Me, you and all of us can contribute. Let us save our mother earth and let's YES to GREEN!


Harrison said...

There were more trees in the US after George W. Bush left office than when he became president.

lunaticg said...

This year my country will also be patcipating!
Already set the time on my alarm.
Yes 4 green to me.