Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My very own CHICKA CORNER...

I know that I already told you that I am developing my very own version of chicka corner inside my house. Since my house is as cute as the owner (meaning small as the owner, LOL) so I decided to make use every corner of my house into a usable area. Although I wanted to have purpose every corner of my house, I also wanted to make it simple, attractive and not space consuming. So here what I did, I bought a carpet and place it at one side then I put throw pillows that it will be comfortable to sit in. Now, me and my sister use it if we wanted to just read books and just to relax. If I have visitors we also make use my chicka corner. It created a homey atmosphere in my house where we can just sit there and relax and just talk and talk and talk. LOL! I love the way it came out and maybe you can also create one on your own home. This is advisable of course to small houses. You can save space and the same time make it more usable rather than just put a lot of trash. hehehe.

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