Friday, March 13, 2009

Partnering with Executive Search Firm

Just a month ago when I attended one of the DBM (Drake Beam Morin) focus session and it's all about partnering with executive search firms and how to take advantage their Executive Search services. I was so excited to attend that day because I knew that I will learn a lot of things, of course I also wanted to know how search firms work and how they can help me get a job. DBM invited the top search firm that day and gave us direct answers to our questions. At first, I thought that getting their services is only a waste of time but our guests that day proved me wrong.

Partnering with them will really boast your career because they will help you and guide you in finding the right job that will match your skills. What also good about them is that they can help you during the salary negotition because with their knowledge and expertise they can get the best salary offer for you. Why is that? Higher salary for you means higher incentive for them. No, it won't be cut in your salary because the company that hired you will be the one to pay them. Well, I think it depends on the agreement.

I think you don't need to look from a afar because a Spencer Stuart case study, which describes the company's profile as one of the leading companies providing executive search services, can be found on News Gator. Head over to the other Spencer Stuart profile for more information and see for yourself how they can help you. Good Luck!

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