Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Protect your EYES!

I was so worried a few weeks ago because my left eye was swollen and I cannot control my tears that it also leave my left eye swollen and red. I thought I had a sore eye so I just keep on putting an eye treatment every now and then. At night, I also put eye creams to remove dark circle and puffiness. I also visited my doctor and he told me that I got an eye alergy because of dust. I remembered that it was also the time when I had my bathroom renovation. I already have an alergy with dust because of my weak lungs and having an eye alergy was new to me but thanks God because my eyes are ok now.

Don't take for granted the things you feel. Ask the opinions of the expert. It always better to know what's going on. Do not fear to know the truth because that's only the time you will no the things you need to do. Protect not only your eyes but the whole you!

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