Saturday, March 7, 2009

You Shouldn't MEME Tag!

Thanks Arnie for this tag. It's fun to do!

The Rules:

  1. List these rules on your blog.
  2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog.
  3. Tell 7 unspectacular quirks on yours.
  4. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their name as well as links to their blogs.
  5. Link the person who tagged you.
  6. Leave a comment for each blogger.

7- Facts about me:

  1. I love to read romance pocket books.
  2. I collect original VCD and most of my collection is a romantic comedy movies.
  3. I love to chat, blog and now I also love to be at my facebook. lol!
  4. I fond of learning new things. (hobby ko daw ang mag-aral.. hehehe)
  5. I love to travel. (within Philippines pa lang but hoping to go outside the country soon)
  6. I fond of doing scrapbooking
  7. I always wanted to make new friends.

7- Unspectacular Quirks: I just hope I won't scare you away, LOL!

  1. I tend to burst out when I get annoyed.
  2. I can also sleep all day without eating. hehehe
  3. I'm a perfectionist in many areas.
  4. I joke around and I feel triumphant when I annoyed someone. LOL!
  5. I get pissed off when I don't get what I want.
  6. Don't ever approach me when I'm mad or I might punch you.
  7. I tend to be possessive to the one I love!

Now here is the 7 people i wanna pass this Tag:

  1. Madz
  2. Carlota
  3. Yub Filipina
  4. Laura
  5. LoveJam
  6. Joy
  7. Juliet

I hope you too will post this tag on your blog. Thanks a lot!


carlota said...

Hi Grace thanks for tagging me. I will post this today. Nice to know a little bit more about you wink*.

carlota said...

I'm back! posted here Grace

Thanks again and enjoy your weekend.

yub personal page said...

hi girl! Thanks for the TAG first Tag THIS YEAR..i GONna POST IT SOON..INGats!

eden said...

i love romance pocket books too. have a nice week ahead

Kebelle said...

Thanks Gracie for visiting my blog. Yes, you can link my blog. Let's spread the hope.

Btw, I like the concept of your blog.


Kebelle of Spirituality Page

Madz said...

wow I have a tag! Thanks sistah, will do it sometime today okay...

How's life going? take care always and see you later... God bless

Arnie said...

Thank you for giving time to post the tag on ur blog sis :)

there is a new one the handwriting tag :_)

Thanks in advance wink**