Wednesday, April 29, 2009

April 30th.... start of a new journey for my fellow Intel friends..

Today is April 30, 2009. A day which might be very ordinary to a lot of people but not so ordinary with Intel Philippines folks. Yes, it's the last day of all Phase 2 employees that will be separated from Intel. I belong to Phase 1 retrenchment though but I still feel the emptiness that once feel when I finally bid farewell to all my Intel friends. It's the day of happiness and sorrow, a day of hope and regret but hopefully everyone will the bright side of it.

I am still jobless until now. Waiting for something or someone that I don't even know if they will come. I lost my focus that I don't know how to put it back. I am afraid to start with a new job because I know for sure that I will be looking on the things I used to have when I'm still working at Intel. But I know also that it should not be the way. I want to go out of the country but seems like there's no way to go. I'm contemplating on what will be my next steps.

Now that the second phase of Intel retrenchment is today, I prayed and hope that we all do well in our next job. It will be a long search again before we get satisfied but I hope that everyone will do great. Good luck to all my Intel friends who will be joining me on my search for a new job. God bless us all!

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