Thursday, April 9, 2009

Be AWARE...Cebu Pacific SUCKS!!!

Planning on a vacation? Are you looking for the cheap airplane fares? Who wouldn't be, right? Me too are just one of those people who been looking for all time season of discounted air travel. I am even one of the avid visitor of Cebu Pacific Air online booking which is offering cheap air fare all year round. Though I haven't been able to actually booked on their online ticketing, I keep on asking myself how Cebu Pacific survive and still fly high despite of the fact that they really have cheap price when it comes to air fares.

But my curiousity got me when I get a complain from my bestfriend regarding to what happened when he book his ticket going to Palawan through Cebu Pacific Online ticketing. I never seen my friend so furious before but I think his experienced with Cebu Pacific Air really get into his nerves. Imagine, he has to pay additional 2,240 pesos for the penalty that he didn't really commit. Maybe you are wondering what realy happened and well you can see the details through his blog. Aside from his blog, I also read another blog article with the same sentiments and I know there's a lot more.

What I couldn't understand is that, there's so many complains and yet the management is somewhat reluctant about the issues. Customers are complaining about their systems but seems like they never really look at it and yet they are promoting their online booking, safe and easy way to book your ticket! My ass! I'm not an idiot, and so are you! Online system booking was placed to help customers but seems like Cebu Pacific never met that. Or maybe, they placed that to gain extra payments. What do you think? Hmmm, something fishey going on? I don't know really. I'm just blogging this to give you some awareness and of course to remind Cebu Pacific Air to serve their customers right! Provide good customer service because you still don't have that! Train your staff because looking at it, they don't know your system that is why they cannot explain what's going on! Give back what is due to your customers.

To the people out there, I hope that you will be aware and take extra careful in booking online. Every cent of our money counts.

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