Sunday, April 5, 2009

Garage Sale or Wholesale Auctions?

It was a while ago when I checked my closet and it seems so full of clothes. I was thinking of letting go of some of my used clothes but when I checked it, most of it was only slightly use. One of my friend suggested to have a garage sale and onother one suggested the wholesale auctions, both suggestions were good idea to dispose some of my clothes and my other things. It will not only free up my closets but will also give me profit. Hmm, it's really hard to decide because both will also eat up my time. Any more suggestions guys?

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Gina said...

garage sale might be a good idead..or just share them to me hehehe.anyways, I joined Ms Recipes's spring contest and I'm so happy because I won 2500 entrecards from's my entrecard url you so much