Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sister's Of Mary 2009 Grand Alumni Homecoming

I know that I should wrote this long time ago but I was preoccupied of so many things this last few weeks. Hmmm, execuses! Anyway, the grand alumni homecoming was great as expected but unlike the previous homecoming, I wasn't able to see any of my previous classmates nor doormates. It was so sad of the fact that as the years goes by, our batch takes different path that somehow hard for us to meet just like the way we did before. Many has gone overseas which impossible for them to participate the grand alumni homecoming. But none the less, the program touched the heart of everyone.

I may not able to see my batchmates but what new with this year homecoming was that, my sister and my cousin was able to enter the vicinity of Sister's of Mary School and they were awed by the beauty of our school. They said that it's as if they entered into another world, a world of beauty and peace. Well, I can't argue with them because that's exactly how I felt everytime I had a chance to visit my alma mater.

As usual, the graduates had a welcome mass and the priest who precide the mass was really great and gave a lot of insights during the holy sermon. What he said was really inspiring. Then after the mass, SOM choir together with rondalla members serenade all the graduates by a very happy tune of music. Hmmm, it was indeed something to remember. I can still hear their angelic voices. Then after the seranade we proceed to the formal program and all the participate during the program. It was simple yet a touching one.

After lunch, I took the liberty to show the entire place to my sister and cousin. We went to Father Al's (our founder) resting place, then we also visited the museum, the Virgin of the poor statue, the orchidarium and a lot more. Sister's of Mary is really a haven. Although it's tiring to roam around, we all had a great time. I was so happy that at last, I was able to show with my sister and my cousin the place where I used to live and study way back in high school. I missed the life inside the Sister's of Mary, a worry free place for me. How I wish, I have a chance to live there one more time but I know that it isn't the way because many children needed them.

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