Thursday, May 28, 2009

Back to OLD Habit?

It's been awhile now since I stopped my morning jog. It is not because I am lazy getting up early but it is because I don't have someone to accompany me doing it. Not that I can't do it alone but I'm just a little scared to jog around the place when I am alone especially early in the morning. I know, I'm just being a chicken but it's better be safe than be sorry later if something bad happened. Anyway, what is the use of modern technology? Hmm, maybe I'll just purchase a new treadmill so that even I'm home I'll still be able to run. Not only that of course because I know that I can run whenever I want if I have my own treadmill without worrying of the danger outside. My problem now is that my place is quite small and I'm thinking where to put it. I know that there's also a space saver treadmill so I wanted to also check that out. What about you? You think it is wise having one at home?

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