Monday, May 25, 2009

A day with Government Offices

Last Tuesday was a very hectic day for me and Risa. We had a full day hopping from one government office to another. Anyway, as usual there was a pleasant and not so pleasant experienced for both of us. We were both a displaced employee of Intel and we wanted to avail the PGMA scholarship given to all employees that has been affected by recession. But of course before we can get that we have to undergo their verrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyy llllllllllloooooooooooonnnngggg process. As in very long because that includes the very long file of people waiting for their service.

Well, since we both really wanted to avail the training we headed to TESDA office at Trece Martires, as usual there's a lot of people waiting outside. We went inside to inquire on how we can avail it but we were surprised to see an empty chair there. There's no one to accommodate you! But we waited and it took as I think more than 15 mins before we finally talk to the one incharge. Anyway, we asked for the copy of the courses and the schools affiliated with them and the lady incharge told me just to copy what's on their looong list. Or if we want we can photocpy it which was 3 blocks away from them. Whoa! It's sooo hot and we have to walk that far just to get our copy? So, I asked if they have copy of their course list at their website and she told me yes so it's okey. But golly, when I checked their website I can't find it!!! You really have to be very patient if you wanted to avail their service.

After that, we went to DOLE to get my certificate. Well, unlike with TESDA, services from DOLE office was far better than them. The guard entertained us and let us sit inside the office to wait for our certificate, but since the employees had their meeting with their superior it also took us more than 30 mins to get that small piece of paper. It was indeed a tiring day for us. I never really had a good experienced with our government offices especially when you need to transact with them. It's so sad that through the years it's always been like this.

I don't know with you guys but I'm just sharing my experienced when we went to their office last Tuesday. I hope that someday their services will be good. There's so much to improve!

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