Saturday, May 9, 2009

Eskapo sa Puerto! Galera Galore!

I know I should have post this the moment I returned back from our Puerto Galera escapade, but due to a lot of things I was not able to post it until now. Anyway, here's what happened on our three days trip to Puerto Galera...

Since we will be coming from different places we decided to just sleep over in my place a night before our trip. It was our strategy to save the waiting time and proceed immediately to terminal going to Batangas Pier where we are going to catch the sea trip going to Puerto Galera. We woke up at around 4:00 am despite of the fact that we sleep at around 1:00 am. The lach of sleep never stopped us from waking up early, well maybe because we were all excited for our vacation! It took us almost two and a half hours before we reached Batanggas Pier. At the pier, we decided to ate our breakfast first before boarding. It was exactly 9:00 am when our ferryboat depart from Batanggas Pier and the sea trip going to Puerto Galera took us around one hour and twenty minutes. It was a pleasant trip. The sea were so calm and we were only about ten passengers including the crew that time! It was as if we owned the ship. LOL! We were able to change seats and got a nice view of the sea and the sorroundings while we were on trip. We also got a chance to do some photo shoot while we were on the boat.

After more than an hour we finally reached Puerto Galera and there was the hotel boy waiting for us. We were able to get the room as soon as we arrived at Lan-Sei Water Resort. We were so glad because it was already off season and so the place were not so full of people. In fact there were only six guest that time including us. We enjoyed the aminities of the resort especially the videoke. Me, Risa and Paul were the only guests who love to sing. LOL! We did enjoyed thei pool as well as the Jacuzzi. I love the ambiance of Lan-Sei Resort as well as their service. The crew were so polite and accommodating and wow! their food was superb too that we decided to just eat at the resort instead of looking for a resto outside.

Although there were activities like snorkling and diving, we decided not to do that instead we went to Mangyan Tribe just to see how they live. We were just so glad because their way of living already improve although there are still plenty of things that need to be done. They already got their own school. It was simple but a nice looking one. They have their own products and it was so nice that can even exported. If I only have a capital maybe I can get their products and help them sell it at a reasonable price. Well, although their way of living slowly improving we sensed that they are still aloof to outsiders like us. They were still timid and don't know what to say when we approached them and asked for their products. Anyway, I was able to bought one piece of their product at a cheap price.

Aside from the videoke, pool and jacuzzi, of course we didn't missed the sea. We had a grand time swimming in the clear sea and got the tan that we like. I know that I'm already tan but I wanted it to be perfect and geez, I got it! Same with Paul, he also wanted a darker color so we swim and swim as if there's no tomorrow. Risa was a little uneasy with the sea, and although she swim, it was not that long to get herself got some tan. Well, anyway, she doesn't like to be tan so I think it was okey. The important thing was that we all enjoyed the trip.

It was indeed a fun summer vacation for the three of us and we were so lucky that we were able to visit Puerto Galera when it's not so full of people. We had a time to really enjoy the sea, the sand and the sun. I don't know when we will be able to get an out of town trip but meanwhile, here's some of our pics.... Enjoy viewing!
On the way to Puerto Galera

Lunch at Lan-Sei Hotel

Enjoying the water on the first day!

Videoke Time

Siesta Time..

At Manyang Tribe, treck going to their falls

Drop by at one of the beaches on our way back to White beach..


Getting some more tan...

Enjoying our last day at Lan-Sei's roof top view

One more pose before we finally depart... Thank you Lan-Sei for accommodating us!


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OMG! I miss Puerto Galera! Had a wonderful time there.

yub personal page said...

oi hah! sistah! mukhang relax na relax ang summer mo ah..oh well, nakakamiss maligo talga