Saturday, May 2, 2009

My Intel Finance family - I'll Miss You ALL!!!

It was April 30th when I got an invitation from my friends in Finance and that was to attend the farewel party for Lhen, Melisse, Ogie, Josie and Ate Bing. At first, I really think twice of coming to their party because I know that it will be another sad party. I don't want farewell but heck I also wanted to see them. So, no matter what I still manage to attend the party and I am really glad I did.

Yeah, somehow it was really melodramatic but we all enjoyed the party. I was able to mingle with all of them and everyone seems to miss me that much huh. hehehe. I also miss them a lot and having them around was so much fun that I forget the sadness I always feel when someone leave us. I enjoyed a lot not to mention the food was great too.

Another farewell but I know that the friendship we built with one another will never ever fade. We might not see each other regularly as what we used before but we all know that we have this strong bond that ties us forever. Good luck to all of us and I hope that we will never forget the happy memories that we once shared to each other. I'll miss you guys!

(From left to right)Yami, Mommy Jane, Me, Lhen, Mel and Josie

Me and Charlene, one of my fav. boss in Finance. hehe

My finance family... miss you guys!

Me and Lhen, one of the so cool boss in Finance and my fav. too

Finance admins, with Don (the as the newest Finance admin.. hehehe)

Crying with the sweet thoughts from friends and colleagues

During the farewell party

A pose with Judy and Sally

together with Josie and Allan


carlota said...

na miss ko tuloy and mga co-workers ko. take care.

joy said...

it's hard for me to say goodbye, hirap talaga ako dun eh, every time may nagpapaalam sa akin, sobra akong nalulungkot.pero even if it's a farewell party , it's a good thing that you have the chance to bond with them and reminisce about the good time and keep those in your memory forever.

Gracie said...

Yap, you are right my dearest friend. Kamiss talaga sila. I'll really miss them.