Friday, May 22, 2009

Random Pictures....

I am so glad that my sister came home today to spend her weekend at my home. As usual, I was busy preparing for our food while she was doing something in our laptop when one of our neighbors knocked. I thought she was just to ask for something when I heard my sister's annoyed voice. I thought she was fighting with our neighbor! Then, I found out that she was annoyed because of her USB. My sister was about to show the pictures last summer outing and one particular picture of Angel, the daughter of our neighbor when she discoverd that her USB was not functioning. I knew that she was about to burst into frustration when I gave her my sd cards that contained old pictures and files. She smiled and was really relieved when she found what she was looking for.

We might already been living in techy world wherein files storage became so handy that sometimes we forget to do our back up. I know that it may seems not important but pictures serve as the remembrance of our past so I really do my own back-up either in CD, mulitply or in my own storage cards to avoid losing my files. Whew,

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