Sunday, June 28, 2009

It is almost OVER!!!

Yippeee, three days more and our massage therapy training is over! Our training is about to end but our on the job training is about to start. Right now, I am also busy doing the letter of requests as well as solicitation letters for our OJT. I'm not the class secretary but since I am the one with computer and the background in doing such so I volunteered myself to help the officers, anyway it's for all of us.

I'm excited doing OJT because it will be a whole new experience for me. I just hope that we can get permit in doing the free massage inside the malls or in the park. Yeah, its free massage since we are going to do it as part of our training then after that is our NC2 certification. I am looking forward for the NC2 certification as well because I pass the certification it means that I can use what I learn abroad.

Training is almost over but I know that it's again a new beginning for me as a Massage Therapist! Whew!

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