Friday, June 19, 2009

A Massage Therapist in the Making....

Whew! I feel really tired today. I just got home from my massage therapist class this evening and since we were doing the actual massage already, I felt really tired. Oh yeah, I'm now on my third day in my massage class. It was a fun experience for me and really something to look forward to. I am so excited to attend to class each day because I know that there's something new that I'm going to lear each day.

After two days of non-stop lectures about the do's and don'ts, the benefits of massage, the human anatomy and the reflexology we are now in our actual demo. I was just so glad because our massage instructor asked me to be his model today so I got a free foot massage. LOL! Whey, to be honest everyone got a free foot massage today because we perform the actual massage with our classmates. We were paired with one another to do and practice what we learn from Sir Manny, our instructor.

At first, it was really hard. In my case, it's my first time to really do it myself. Kuya Ricky, one of my classmate was my partner then to practice more we teamed up with our other classmates. All in all, I was able to perform three series of foot massage and of course I was also able to received a free foot massage from them.

It was a tiring day but since I enjoyed doing what I did I can't help but to wait for another day. Tomorrow, we will be performing the back massage and combine it with the foot massage that we learned today. Hmmmm, I am not sure how will it be but I'm sure that I will also love what will I learn tomorrow. Can't wait for the sun to come. LOL!

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Eunice said...

Welcome to the wonderful and exciting world of massage and bodyworks! You can do it Gracie and while you are at it, you can join an online support group for massage and spa professionals- or you can email me so I can send you more details regarding massage therapy as a career and as a profession.

God speed!