Friday, June 19, 2009

My New Toys --> BP Apparatus & Thermometer

Now that I am taking up massage therapy training, one of the requirements are the BP apparatus and thermometer. As part of the training we have to learn how to get the vital signs because as massage therapist it is critical to know your client's condition before doing a massage. So right after school, I dropped by at SM Dasma to purchase my new toys... oppps, not really toys but the things needed to do the vital sign. Since I am really excited to learn how to use those apparatus, it's as if I bought my new sets of toys. LOL! That's how I really felt.

As soon as I got the items I immediately safe keep the receipt because that's the only way I can return the items if incase it is damage or not functioning. I checked the receipt and was so glad that their receipt printer produce a clear copy of receipt because that way there won't be any problem incase I found out that my new toys are damage. Hmmm, happy with what I seen, I went out of the store and head back home.


joy said...

hi grace! good luck on your new learing adventure, i hope you'll be good at giving massages. pamasahe naman ng lang ha. hehehe.

Gracie said...

Sure Joy! I'll give you a free massage kapag nagkita tayo. hehehe