Thursday, June 11, 2009

No to CON-ASS!

No to Conass!

I may not be in the rally today but I definitely support the reason why thousands of filipinos walked out to protest once more. There were about 15,000 filipinos rallied in Makati today to protest against House Resolution 1109 , follow the link if you want to read the full article of HR 1109, but the gist of it is the proposal to amend or revise our current constitutions. If HR 1109 will be pass this also means that 2010 elections might not pursue and so our current president will run the country like forever. Of course we don't want that. We already suffered so much from the current government and we want to end their power by putting new president and new set of government officials.

If they pass HR 1109 the freedom that we all been enjoying might vanish like a thin air. We have to do our part to cut their political tactics. True, we also need to change our constitutions but definitely not today, not with the current president and not with the current corrupt government officials because if these changes will happen, Philippines might be a living hell for all of us in the future. We have to act now and act wisely. Protest if you think your rights has been violated. We put them to protect us not to harm us.

I also hope that what happening today will also be an eye opener for all of us. Let us not waste our votes this coming 2010 election. We always have a choice but I hope this time we will do it right. Don't just sit there and do nothing. We have to act now if we want reform. Exercise your rights but use it wisely. Don't be over shadow by their power instead stand tall and voice out your rights!


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