Monday, June 1, 2009

A Simple day with A Great Friend

Whew, after 3 months of not seeing each other Jing and I finally met again. We been planning this I think ever since I left Intel but for some reasons our free time never met. Jing was also a former employee of Intel and even for a short while that we been together we became close friend. She is fun to be with, a serious type but crazy at times. I think just like me, just that I'm prettier than her. Hahahaha! Just kidding! She is an engineer too and an incredable one.

Anyway, after her vacation in Singapore we decided to meet yesterday. We had our tea at Bibingkinita and just like any other day we talked and talked and talked. Our conversation hopped from one topic to another. What I like being with her was the fact that I do learn a lot from her. I was so thankful with her when she sent me the link about the preacher in blue jeans because from there I learned a lot of things and became closer to God.

After our chitchat we decided to come over at my little house to show her where it is. There she was able to meet my sister and my cousins who were there that time. Her visit was only brief because it's getting late already but I'm hoping that she will come back at my place again. I am always thankful for the days that I spent with my friends and it is always been an honor having them. What a great way to spend your day... simple yet awesome!

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