Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A Special Gift from GOD!

Time flies so fast and I still couldn't believe that Samuel Jacob, my bestfriend's baby boy will be turning 4 months already. I still remember when I first set my eyes on him. He was so adorable that time and getting more and more awesome as the days goes by. Just like any parents, my bestfriend and her husband was so proud during their baby announcements. I saw the happiness in their eyes on the pictures that they sent to me. Why not, after 9 months of waiting they were now holding their bundle of joy.

Every babies deserve an announcement because it's your way of welcoming them to their new world. They are the most precious gift from God that every parents could ever have. Be thankful and accept the awesome gift from God. Nourish them and love them because not every parents are given a chance to have their own baby.

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