Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Week of Continuous Learning

See how the time flies so fast... It's one week now since I started attending the massage therapy training. Unlike other training that I attended, massage therapy training never bored me. In fact the whole day session seems too short. I wanted to learn everything and I wanted to absorb every details and put it in my heart. That's how eager I am to learn this training.

We are done with the foot massage, hand massage, back massage and the body massage in prone position. Today, I'm expecting to learn the whole body massage both for prone and suffine position and of course to practice it during our training. Giving a massage is not an easy task. It requires your strenght, your attention, your patient and most of all it requires your tender loving care.

I still need to learn more and to practice more. I was able to perform the body massage yesterday and it took 45 mins before I finish. There's still a lot of room for improvement and I'm really open to it. I want to give every person the massage that they need.

Today is another day for me. May God give me the strenght that I need to today. May He also shower me with a lot of passion and patient to do my task today....

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Dorothy L said...

Hey girl...just know that you can get through it.
Nothing worth having comes stay focused and try not to let doubt distract you :)