Friday, July 31, 2009


It's been two days now since I started my farm and gosh, it looks amazing! I already have a new house there and got lots of trees and crops that soon I'll be harvesting. Not only that, I got cow, sheeps, chicken and a dog! Of course I got awesome neighbors too and I just love visiting their own farm. I been busy tending my own farm while working at other farm to earn more cash so that I can buy my own water tank and windmill. It cost a lot so I really have to work hard. The flowers that I planted is now starting to bloom and it just look awesome!

I know, I know! There's so much exciting things happening at my farm and I know you are wondering how on earth I was able to have my own farm in just a couple of days? Well, worry not because Farm Town in facebook do the wonders about it. LOL! Yeah, sounds crazy but I'm addicted tending my farm in facebook. LOL!

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