Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Massage Therapy Training - DONE! OJT - Coming UP!

After two weeks of intensive training for our massage therapy we are now ready for our OJT. We named our group as Tagaytay Essence Therapeutic Massage for easy identification of our batch. This is also one of our preparation for our NC2 certification. We are really looking forward and we are hoping that all of us will pass the certification for us to be able to use our knowledge even in other country.

We had our final demo with our instructor last Tuesday. We were all so tense that as if its the NC2 certification day. Anxious and nervous while waiting, I managed to review with together with my classmates and tried my best to remain calm so that I will remember what I've studied that day. Final demo was not that easy because you have to start in getting the vital signs of your client, then the swedish manipulation techniques and of course the side questions. You really have to be prepared or else you wouldn't get it.


joy said...

hi grace! congratulations on having finish your training and i know you'll do well in your OJT. take care and have fun always. God bless sis!

yub personal page said...

hi gracie girl..ngaun lng ako nka visit ulet ng blog mo.Medyo busy no time for blog hopping.balik na ulet schedule sa work.I am happy for you. Alam mo ba malaki kita ng friend ko sa Japan as therapist pero comscie sya..good luck girl!

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