Friday, July 10, 2009

Massage Tips

Now that we're done with our first week in our OJT in Massage Therapy I can say that it's really a very tiring but one of the most rewarded profession. Tiring because you really have to exert so much effort and sweat for every client that you have. Rewarding because every after the massage session and you've seen the satisfaction of your client you can't help but to feel overwhelm too. Well, that's how I feel.

And based from my experience, here are some of the pratical tips that I can share to those who are practicing this profession...

  • Do not massage with an empty stomach or if you are not feeling well. You won't be able to give a good massage if you are hungry or if you don't feel well.
  • Remember to bring extra clothes and towel.
  • When doing a body massage, it is better to let your body glide with the motion of your hands. You hands don't need to exert so much efforts if your body is in sync with the motion.
  • Observe your client while doing your massage. Their facial expression tells what they feel.
  • Ask your client if they like the pressure that you are applying. That is one of the best way to satisfy them.
  • Massage should be done slowly and carefully, this will benefits you and your client. If massage is done in rush motion, your client most likely will never satisfied with it while you will be tired so quick.

This is what I observe for my 1 week of OJT and I hope I was able to share something with you through my experience.

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