Thursday, July 9, 2009

My Dream Vacation - Carribean Cruise

Caribbean cruises is one of the greatest dream vacation for a lot of people and I'm not an exemption to that. I remembered way back in my high school days that me and my best friend used to talked about our dream vacation. We wanted to be really rich and stable so that we can afford travelling and one of them of course is having a grand time while on cruise. We are both aware that cruises really cost a lot but still we wanted to pursue that dream given a chance. Why not? It's once in a lifetime vacation for me. Well maybe not for a few people who really can afford to travel. I heard so many beautiful things about Carribean cruises and somehow it really fueled me to work hard and save much so that one day I'll be able to finally get one of my greatest dream vacation. Carribean cruises might cost a lot but I'm sure that your experiences during the cruise is priceless that is why I still wanted to give it a try. I was thinking of a picture perfect Carribean Cruise like having fun while on board. There should be activities in the morning for me not to get board like maybe some sports for all the guest and in the evening there should be singing and dancing. And of course, I wanted to have an extended hours for all the ports that we will be docking so that I will have grand time exploring the place and see their best assets. Oh, what a way to spend your vacation. Right?


Dorothy L said...

Hey Grace....I personally have never been on a cruise...but I have been to Hawaii, Key west, Cancun..Mexico and I loved all of my vacations.
After all a vacation is all about relaxing...refreshing ones mind and strengthening ones incentive to work for another vacation:)
People that I know that have been on cruises say they will never travel any other way :)

joy said...

it would be lovely to be on a cruise, i have never been on one so i considered that as one of dreams.hopefully, maging milyonarya tayo para makapag cruise naman tayo. sayang di natuloy yung chat natin last time, nagkakliyente kasi ako kaya kailangan kung putulin. ingat palagi ha.

Dila said...

Hi...having a vacation in the Carribean Islands is one of my dreams too. What I can do so far is visiting nearby beaches in my country (Indonesia) and build a website about Carribean vacation! I do that some day you can make your dream happen. Best regards!