Thursday, July 16, 2009

Preparing for the Bad Weather

It's rainy season once again and most often than not bad weather comes in during these days. Just like this morning, I woke up because of the sound of the heavy rain. It's okey since it has been raining for almost a week now but what bother me most was the blow of the strong wind. I know that there's typhoon today but heavy rain plus strong wind is lethal combination. Most of the time we are caught unguard with this kind of weather because we never prepared ourselves. But it should not be, better to always have an emergency plan for this even before the bad weather hit us. How? Here are some of the easy tips for you...

Things to Prepare for the Bad Weather:
  1. Flashlight with extra batteries - most of the time there's power enteruption during bad weather so it is safe to have your flashlight ready anytime and it should be put in the place where you can easily grab it. It is difficult to move around when it's dark so better to have a flashlight ready anytime.
  2. Drinking water - set aside at least two containers for your drinking water. Bad weather often contaminates our water system so it is better to set aside clean water for drinking purposes. I remembered when we were hit by a very strong typhoon and we couldn't buy any water just for a drink. It was really hard that we even had to travel to the nearby town just so we have water for a drink. It's been a lesson for me since then.
  3. Emergency Kit - You should have one in your house even if the weather is good. This kit should contain necessary medicine for wounds, for cough and colds, for stomach ache, headache, diarrhea and fever. Don't forget also to put alcohol, bandage and/or bandaid.
  4. Canned Goods - It is important that you have extra food stock in your house during bad weather because we never know when will the bad weather stop. Thus, we never know when we can safely go out our house.
  5. Safety Clothes - put some of your clothes inside a plastic. This is one of the best way to have a dry clothes during bad weather. We never know when will the flood comes in. It is better be safe than be sorry.
  6. Tune In your radio to programs that will give you update with regards to the weather condition. This way you can prepare yourself for any worse thing that may comes in.

Few and simple tips that you can follow and I hope somehow I was able to help you prepare for bad weather. Be safe always!

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Dorothy L said...

Awesome tips.
In Hurricane land here we definitely need a checklist to be prepared for the worst storms.

Thank you for this great awareness post!