Saturday, July 11, 2009

Stop the VIOLENCE!

As I read about the news about Cotabato and how civilians are arming to protect themselves from the cruel hands of the rebels I thought of so many things on how the Philippines governmen will address this. Civil war in Mindanao has been a problem of Philippines government for centuries and until now it's still existing. The sad thing about it is that the civilians are the one affected by the war. They cannot live peacefully because every now and then there's a bombing in their area.

I pity the children living in that area. They are too young to experience such kind of violence. I'm also thinking how on earth these rebels keep on destroying the peace that other people wanted to enjoy. Don't they have family that might be affected of the cruel things they are doing? What kind of beliefs they have?

I don't really understand why there's a people who wanted to hurt other people or the worse thing is hurt themselves just to follow their religious belief. I think, I will never understand them because if I tried to put myself in their shoes I still couldn't imagine hurting myself or others for what I am fighting for. I know my rights and I can fight just to get my rights but I can do that without hurting someone physically much more hurting myself.

I've heard a lot of stories of bombing and kidnapping. Just because of money, power or what? Getting all of those, they think they will live happily? I don't think so because they are rotten inside. Why they can't stop violence and let other people live in peace?

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