Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Yasha Fiesta!

Yasha Fiesta! That's actually the theme of the Asian Youth day that has been celebrated by countries around asia. It's like a mini world youth day as I view it. There were also delegates from other asian countries as well as from Europe and America. What difference today was that Philippines is the host country and it has been agreed upon that Imus, our neighboring place will be the host for the entire activity.

Part of the Yasha Fiesta is the visitation of the Pilgrimage Cross around Cavite and we were so lucky because Parklane, the place where I live in has been visited last Monday. Yes, Pilgrimage Cross was here and was really lucky that I was able to participate in this rare occasions. It was around 3:00 pm when the Pilgrimage Cross arrived. There were so many people at the gate of our subdivision to take part and of course I was one of those. Then after the receiving there were procession of the Pilgrimage Cross around the subdivision. There was music and there was street dancing activities while on our way to the gym where the Cross will stay for us for the night.

It was a long walk and it was raining but the people were still happy walking and dancing. We were really glad that our place were among of those places that the Pilgrimage Cross visited. As I said that it was one of the rare occasions where people bond and strengthen their faith. I was so happy being one on that procession and celebrating the coming of the Cross in our area. After the procession there were activities that has been prepared. There were talks and there were the Yasha Fiesta dinner where everyone brought their own food and share it with others. The mood were so festive and everyone was enjoying.

I don't know when will it happen again but I was really glad being a part of it.

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