Saturday, August 29, 2009

Defensive Driving

I couldn't believe it when I finally run a car in a highway at the first day of my driving lesson. I even asked my instructor if he's really sure about it. LOL! Well, I don't know how to drive and I haven't really tried learning about it before. I thought that not knowing how to drive was not that important until I planned to get a work abroad. Gosh, as I browse the web for possible work that will suits my profession, most of the open job required driving skills. What??? I told myself but of course I wanted to be as competitive just like anyone out there.

So last couple of weeks, I enrolled myself to driving school with their 15hrs. driving course. I thought how will I learn driving in that span of time? But anyway, the staff said that it's the best course that I can start with. Oh my, I can't figure out myself controlling the steering wheel of my car. I was excited and scared at the same time, but I remembered what my friend told me that one of the best way to learn how to drive is the courage and believing in yourself that you can do it. So there we go....

On my first day, my instructor told me to sit on the driver's seat and there he discussed the control panel of the car. What is it for and when to use it. Then after that, we did the foot work. It was easy because we were not moving yet. After few minutes of practice he told me to run the car, and I asked him if he was sure about it. He was laughing at me and said yes. On my first attempt, I was a little bit nervous but as we go I was able to enjoyed driving. I'm now on my 12th hrs of my 15th hrs couse and I can say that I really learned a lot. From the basic driving, parking, turning, 3 points turn, 2 points turn, u turn, driving in a highway, driving in a busy street, cliff hanging position and a lot more. As the days goes by, I became more and more confident in driving. I just can't wait to practice driving without my instructor beside me. LOL!

So for all those who wanted to learn how to drive, don't be afraid to try. It's exciting and fun. I have here some few tips on how to be a defensive driver...

  1. Don't drink and drive! This is the no. 1 rules
  2. Obey the speed limit law.
  3. Obey the right of way.
  4. Always signal your intentions
  5. Always slowdown at the approach of an intersection, hills, curves, bridges, schools and churches.
  6. Dim your lights to all coming vehicles
  7. Know and follow safe following distance.
  8. Always wear your seatbelt!

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Filipina said...

hi girl..miss you na po..i have already imported my other blog..I have anewbie blog in touch..i gonna add your site before you can go outside the country..good luck girl! god bless!