Monday, August 17, 2009

Glimps of what happened Last SUNDAY!

Read your comments Dorothy, so here's the story of what happened last Sunday, August 16 at the Sister's of Mary School. But before I start, let me tell something about Sister's of Mary School. Well, this school is a private school accepting brainy stundents but from poor family. All the students studying there also live there until they finish high school. The catch, students don't pay even a single cent. It's a free education made especially for poor kids that has brain but can't afford to study. And once upon a time, I also one of those kids. Yeah, I'm one of the graduates of the Sister's of Mary School. That place is where I build my dreams. As part of our role as a graduates is to be the big sisters and brothers of those students who are still studying there. Right now, SOM is catering about 10,000 students for Philippines alone. Big population, right? Don't worry because SOM gradutes is much bigger than their current population since we are already at batch 21 (I belong to 5th batch though, arrrgghhh feel so old when I think of that. LOL!)

Anyway, to make the story short. Our registration started at around 4:30 am. SOM graduates all over the country visited that day. It was also like our grand reunion and I was really happy seeing my old friends and classmates back in high school. We celebrated the Holy Mass together with the kids but since I'm late riser I was not able to attend the mass. The mass was almost over when I arrived. After the mass, gradutes proceed to Father Al's building near the Virgin of the Poor where we enjoyed our simple breakfast. There, I was able to mingle and talked with my batchmates.

After breakfast, we all proceed to the assigned basketball court and there we met the children that we will be mingling with us that day. For batch 1 to 5, we handled the post graduates (they are the students who were done highschool and continuing their education through TESDA courses). We handled 10 families and each family were consist of 40-50 kids. Chaos! That's the first encouter. LOL! We don't know what games to start. Good thing, we have a back up plans. So graduates need to have a mins. huddle and laid out the plans to make the games systematic. Good, right? So there we go...

We assigned graduates for each family to guide them the sequence of the games, the mechanics of the games, where to go and what to do. It's easier now but the problem was we were all wanted to win the game! LOL! It was really fun. You can hear cheering of students and graduates all over the place. Graduates keep on throwing candies to kids that makes the kids laugh, run and scream. You can also hear graduate screaming and laughing. It was one of the fun encoutered with the kids. Until now, I can still hear their happy tunes during the cheering competition. We can't help but to remember our days when we were still the students there. The games lasted 30 mins before lunch time. And when it was done, graduates went back to Father's Al building for our pack lunch.

We had our lunch inside the mini forest near the Virgin of the Poor. We had a simple lunch but it was like feast to all of us. Why not? We really had a good laugh that time. Sister's of Mary will always be a home for all of us. After the lunch, we all gathered to gym for the program proper. Each batch has a presentation. Although I was not able to watched the entire program, I heard that it was good. I was at the chapel that time doing the sacrament of confession and after the confession I was able to attend the Holy mass together with other graduates who missed the morning mass.

It was endeed a happy reunion and we are looking for the next meeting. I had really fun that until now my voice is still husky. LOL!


Dorothy L said...

Hey Grace...thank you so much for sharing your very interesting story. I am more than impressed by how intelligent kids are given a chance of an education so they can also have an equal opportunity for a good life.
I can imagine that your reunion was a very special day:)
Again than k you for educating us~

newbi said...

nice sharing
you must enjoy your reunion