Friday, August 14, 2009

Happy Assumption Day!

To my fellow graduates of the Sister's of Mary School, Happy Birthday to all of us! I know like me, you are reminiscing the assumption day inside the school we used to live and love. It was one of those wonderful day that we celebrate every year. Why not? That's the day we celebrate our birthdays and I really miss those days!

In Catholic beliefs, Assumption day was the day when Mama Mary went to heaven body and soul. As a catholic, we all celebrate this day because this is one of the day that God showed His love for mankind. For the Sister's of Mary School, Assumption day is really a double celebration because it's the day that we celebrated our birthday! I remembered all the activities during those days. We had one full day of fun and I really missed it!

I'm so excited for tomorrow's activity because for once, I'll be able to spend time with our little sisters and brothers who are still studying there. It's one of the best way to celebrate the Assumption with them and to extend our love with them. Sister's of Mary will always be my heaven on earth. Being inside of their vicinity is always been my joy and tranquility of my weary mind.

To all, Happy Assumption Day! And to my fellow graduates of the Sisters of Mary School, Happy Assumption day and Happy Birthday to all of us!!!

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