Friday, August 14, 2009

Life Insurance

I never thought that after a long time I'll be able to talk again with my old friend. I don't know what happened but he said that he was hit by car. The sad thing there was that the driver of that car was drunk. I was so worried for him because the accident happened while he was on travel and he don't have relatives there. Good thing that he has a life insurance which covered all the expenses. Two weeks more and his legs will be free from any cast.

We never knew when will the accident will happen so it is really advisable that we should have our own life insurance. Of course, before getting one, you should check life insurance rates, coverage, policies and all that. It is important to know also the history of the insurance company that you are eyeing. You should learn where they also invest their money or what else are the source of income of that particular company. Check also the reliability of that company based on their historical records.

I, myself also have a life insurance and before I filed for my insurance I made sure that I was able to checked the insurance company. So far, I am contented with my life insurance. Rates is good as well as policies and coverage.

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Dorothy L said...

Hey Grace....Enjoy your sounds like it is going to be very special for you.
You should write a post telling us what this Assumption Day is all about.
I have never heard of it !