Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I was so happy having a portable smart bro. I couldn't believe myself that I was able to connect online in our province using the smart bro. I borrowed it from my friend and checked it myself if it will work in our province and it did! We were able to talked with my sister in Canada as well as with my bestfriend in USA. My mom and dad were more than happy to see my sister in webcam. It was actually the first time they seen my sister on cam because they don't have internet connection in the province.

Although the connection was slow we were still managed to talked online with them and had fun talking with our webcam on. Technology really do the wonders of connecting people. My sister might be away from us but we do seen her and talked with her almost everyday. Isn't it amazing?

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Anonymous said...

have you heard of SmartBro's new SurfTV?