Monday, September 21, 2009

Job Interview

I had a job interview yesterday and I can say that it was really a not so good experience. First, on my way to the venue I had to take the shortcut going to the company and so my friend guided me all the way there. To my surprise, the way to the shortcut was a rough road that my friend forget to mentioned. Goodness me because I was wearing a 3 inch high heels and I cannot go back home just to change because I'll be late already. Aside from that, the place were almost deserted and it was so hot! But since I was already there, I decided to have my interview.

So there! When I arrived the place I still need to had a long walk and it took another two hours before I finally got the interview. The interview went well. I was able to answer all the questions and was actually set for second interview. But I turned it down because honestly, I don't like the place. I want to work in environment that I know that I will enjoy.

So here I am again, searching and searching for a new job. I hope this time things will be alright.

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