Thursday, September 3, 2009

Philippines Candidates for Presidency..

I was taken abacked when I read the news about Mar Roxas' decision of giving way to Noynoy Aquino for presidency. Some comments that it's just a political plot and other said that Mar is better than Noynoy. I'm not sure about your opinions though but for my points of view, no matter what their agenda I think Mar and Noynoy have common goals and that is for a change. Our country needs a leader that can carry people in all walks of life. A leader that will speak and stand up for us. A leader that will always have a heart for the people. A leader that will not think of how much her/his money worth after the term. A leader whom filipino people will trust because it's so important for the unity of one's country.

Now, the only question is if there's still leaders like that. Or among the aspirant seeking for Philippines President candidacy, is there anyone of them who has the qualities of the great leader? I hope this time, filipino people will be wise enough in choosing for the new president and once a new president has been declare all of the filipino people will support and trust the new leader.

Let us all vote wisely for our new president this coming 2010 election!

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