Friday, September 25, 2009

Stormy Weather

We have a bad weather today and as a matter of fact I can hear the heavy rain that keeps pouring on our roof. What bothers me is the strong wind. I keep on checking what's going on outside because it might be too late when bad things happened. I'm prepared for whatever might happen. I'm also checking the water level for I don't know when flood is coming. Although our place is located in higher land we still need to watch out for the water level. It is better to be on watch than to regret it later.

Now, all I can hear is the hard blow of the strong wind. It's still raining and it is still dark outside. But aside from that everything is pretty normal. We still have water and electricity same with internet connection. I'm just praying that the weather will soon be good and that no one will be badly affected by this stormy weather.

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joy said...

hi grace! kamusta? were you affected by the typhoon?